Get on the Level – Your Garage Door, That Is!

Is that tilted garage door an eyesore? Don't worry. You can level it out just like it was when brand new.

You like this look? This garage door is a Standard+ Classic XL, 9' x 7', American Walnut, Clear windows.

Is this your aesthetic? It's a Standard+ Classic XL, 9' x 7', American Walnut, Clear windows.

Can you think of a single part of your home that affects the overall look and feel more than the garage door? Probably not. If your garage door isn't up to par, the whole home's aesthetic will suffer. That includes if your door isn't leveled correctly. The gap sticks out like a sore thumb.

You might be tempted to ignore the situation. After all, how much harm could come from a one-inch gap between the garage door and the ground? Plenty! That little gap can allow water, heat, and even mice and snakes into your garage.

What's the Deal with My Unlevel Door?

You like this look? This garage door is a Standard+ Vog, 9' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony.

Does this look inspire you? This is a Standard+ Vog, 9' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony.

Every day, thousands of homeowners ask themselves, "why is my garage door closing crooked?". If you find yourself in that situation, it's time to delve deep to fund the underlying cause before repairing it. Understanding the cause will help ensure that it doesn't happen again.

What's the common denominator between garage doors?

Really, the most common reason for an unlevel garage door is the torsion springs. You can find the torsion springs located overhead in most cases, although some garage doors have them installed to the side of the door. In both cases, they're made of tightly wound metal and are designed to help balance the weight of the door.

Opening and closing the door causes the springs to expand and contract (wind and unwind). Over time, this causes the springs to stretch. A spring that's out of shape can still open the door, but you'll notice a difference in speed.

Your garage door will also have another set of springs - each extension spring is rated for a specific amount of weight. Going beyond that rating can cause problems, including an uneven garage door. If you fail to act and let the problem continue, it can actually culminate in a door that no longer works at all.

Obviously, that's not a situation you want to find yourself in. Rectifying the problem now is the only solution. Otherwise, the only fix will be a new garage door, which will cost more and take additional time.

Crooked Garage Door: A Balancing Act

You like this look? This garage door is a Princeton P-21, 18’x 7', Chocolate Walnut door and Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Panoramic windows.

Does this design resonate with you? This is a Princeton P-21, 18’ x 7', Chocolate Walnut door with Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Panoramic windows.

Now that you know the culprit could be the extension springs, you're probably wondering how to adjust the door. It's actually not all that difficult and you can do it yourself with just a few steps. However, you're going to need some tools, so if you lack them, it's probably the best idea to go ahead and call in the professionals.

Your first step is to check the balance of the door. It's impossible to repair a problem if you don't know where it lies. Before doing anything else, disconnect the garage door from the opener. In most cases, you simply need to pull the cord in front of the opener to do this. With the two disconnected, you can see how the garage door hangs.

With the door still disconnected, manually raise and lower the door a few times. Does it move smoothly? If not, there's something in the track causing resistance. You'll need to fix this first before doing anything else. Once it's repaired, double-check the door's movement.

Now, open the door halfway and then let go. Does it stay there, or does it move up or down on its own? If it stays in position, it's balanced. If the door begins closing or continues upward, that's a sign that it's definitely unbalanced, and the springs have lost tension.

Misaligned Garage Door Repair

A retro building with a pristine and maintained garage door. Image: Pixabay

If you don't maintain your garage door, it won't operate reliably. Image: Pixabay

With the diagnostic portion over, it's time to go ahead and repair things.

Unplug the Opener

If the garage door is not disconnected from the opener, go ahead and unplug the opener for safety.

Assess Cable Health

Check the garage door cables and assess their condition. Do you see any rust? What about fraying? Signs of damage mean these should be replaced.

Don't Go It Alone

Feel like you're in over your head? Call in a professional garage door expert to handle the adjustments and repairs for you.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Seals

This battered and old garage door could use some maintenance. Image: Pixabay

Waiting too long could mean having to replace your door entirely. Image: Pixabay

There's a myth that an uneven garage door means that the weatherstripping has failed. This is untrue, but it is important to check your weatherstripping. A good seal between the door and the floor will prevent water, bugs, and other pests from getting in.

If you're wondering how can you get my garage door to seal better, the first place to look is the weatherstripping. If the door is level but you can still see light underneath, the weatherstripping should be replaced.

Damaged or missing weatherstripping can be easily replaced. You'll need a screwdriver and a knife to cut the material from the roll. As a tip, make sure that the material sits solidly against the bottom of the door too, or you'll still have a gap.

Once it has been replaced, make sure to take care of your garage. That means you must clean and maintain the weatherstripping, the tracks, rollers, chain, and other assorted components of the system.

Help! My Garage Door Can't Be Leveled

You like this look? This garage door is a Cambridge Traditional (CM), 8’x 7’, Ice White door and overlays, 4 lites Panoramic windows.

Like this sleek, classic style? This is a Cambridge CM, 8’ x 7’, Ice White door and overlays, 4 lites Panoramic windows.

If your door cannot be leveled, it's probably time to bite the bullet and replace it entirely. Thankfully, you've got an incredible number of options today. You'll find a wide range of different styles, colors, window options, and more.

Looking for a new garage door? It's definitely time to bring in the professionals. A garage door expert can help you find the perfect style and color for your home.

New Garage Door Installation: A Helping Hand

Contact an expert in garage door installation. They can provide you with advice, guidance, and answers to your pressing questions.

Cadillac Garage Door can provide all the help you need in person or through a simple email quotation if you prefer.

It's also easy to find the right look for your home. Take a minute to check out these 3 styles to guide you in your decision-making process.

We'd love to hear from you, so call us at 231-775-3239. We'd be more than happy to talk styles, prices, window shape, and all the other details.

Tech savvy?

Love your technology? Check out our app-like Design Centre. It lets you upload a picture of your garage and then "try on" different doors to see how they look. It's never been simpler to make an informed decision.

Plenty of style suggestions?

Many gorgeous residential garage doors are waiting for you here in our image gallery. You'll be able to see the work we've done for other customers, which not only proves our professionalism and abilities, but provides you with an incredible amount of inspiration!

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