Why we recommend Garaga

If you are looking for a high-quality garage door, Garaga is the company for you! Its products are the best on the market. Specializing in garage door systems since 1983, this manufacturer makes dependable, solid products for home or business use. At Cadillac Garage Door & Grand Traverse Garage Door, we know our customers are looking for the best garage door paired with excellent customer service. That’s why we choose to carry the full line of GARAGA garage doors.

Garaga makes excellence a priority. To ensure its garage doors are always professionally installed, it created the Garaga Experts network. Only reputable garage door dealers who meet rigorous standards can apply to join. At Cadillac Garage Door & Grand Traverse Garage Door, we are proud to be part of this network. As a certified Garaga dealer, we guarantee professional service for new garage door designs and installations. Our technicians are trained to properly install, service and repair GARAGA garage door systems. We aim to exceed your expectations!

Why we know GARAGA garage doors are the best on the market:

The best insulation

GARAGA garage doors are better insulated than any other door on the market. Even during the coldest days of our North American winters, Garaga doors are up to the challenge. They are built to withstand both blizzards and downpours. To learn more about the operation of GARAGA garage doors, please see our performance videos – you won’t believe your eyes!

The most durable

To always build the best possible products, Garaga only uses the most durable materials for its garage doors. Since each door is so well built, most models come with a limited lifetime warranty. A new GARAGA garage door can last for 30 years or more! Garaga gives you the peace of mind that you are receiving a quality, good value product.

The finest style and design

Garaga understands that insulation and durability are important, but that they shouldn’t come at the cost of good design. All GARAGA garage doors are beautifully conceived. The many models are designed to showcase a variety of architectural styles including modern, traditional, colonial, Victorian and more. No matter the style of your home and neighbourhood, Garaga has the right door for you. Each door model can also be fully customized. Want a pop of color? GARAGA garage doors come in many beautiful shades. Love the look of garage door windows? Garaga offers the largest selection of options on the market. Together, we can design the perfect GARAGA garage door for your home.

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