Construction icon "3 layers | Polystyrene"

The icon "3 layers | Polystyrene" means that the embossing of a design or the color of Garaga garage door is available for our doors built with polystyrene insulation bonded to 2 steel layers (Steel + Polystyrene + Steel). This construction has a thickness of 2". The R-Factor of this construction is 8.7.

This door is available for Vantage garage door models and Village Collection models.

Construction icon 3 layers

Example of a "3 layers | Polystyrene" construction

  1. Polystyrene insulation pressure bonded between two layers of steel for energy efficiency
  2. 2” tongue and groove meeting rail to provide a weathertight seal between sections, and rails are hemmed the entire length of the section for added strength and safety
  3. Full length reinforcing plates to solidly attach hinges and struts
3 Layers Polystyrene Construction
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